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Paper Label Making Machine

    1. PS Plate Label Printing Machine This PS plate label printing machine is equipped with a high quality heavy duty offset printing unit. This unit is composed of 19 ink rollers (4 form rollers are included) and 4 water rollers. Its smooth ink-running system effectively avoids the production of streak and ghosting. ...
    1. Flexo Printing MachineOur flexo printing machine is suitable for flexo printing of label paper, commercial paper, computer typing paper, and films. This flexo printing equipment is environmentally friendly as a result of our adoption of water based ink. It produces high quality prints and is cost effective. ...
    1. Label Die Cutting MachineLabel die cutting machine WQM-320 adopts high precision platen die cutting method, and microcomputer controlled label conveying and slitting system. This label die cutter also adopts three photoelectric eyes for tracking of the longitudinal direction and the two sides of the printed mark. ...
    1. Label Slitter Label slitter is auxiliary equipment for automatic label die cutting machines. Our label slitting machine is especially suitable for slitting narrow-width paper labels and films. To reduce labor force and save time, our label slitters are designed with a variety of functions, such as automatic length-counting,...
    1. Label Rotary Die CutterAs an experienced paper label making machine manufacturer in China, Kingsun Machinery Company is upgrading our equipment all the time. For example, we developed DK-320G series label rotary die cutter based on our earlier product, DK-320 label slitter. By mounting a rotary die cutting station to a DK-320...
    1. Label Inspection Machine EM-320 label inspection machine is usually used in combination with flexographic printing machines, auto label die cutting machines, etc., to make paper labels. Label inspection machine is necessary for paper label making. It functions to inspect the label quality after printing and die cutting....
    1. Label Screen Printing MachineThis label screen printing machine is designed to print on various roll materials. The raw material of roll material may be PVC, OPP, Dacron, hologram label, adhesive label, among many others. Our label screen printing machine can finish printing, drying, and rewinding at one stop. ...
    1. Horizontal Flexo Printing Press Our horizontal flexo printing press is applicable for a variety of raw materials, like coated paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, plastic films and self-adhesive labels, etc. Our horizontal flexo printing press provides high speed drying. Both IR dryer and hot air dryer are available for your choice....

A paper label making machine is also called an adhesive label making machine.

Paper label making machines can finish multi-production step at one time. Generally speaking, a paper label maker can finish the following label making steps, like label printing, label die cutting, film laminating, creasing, foil stamping, and rewinding, and more. Their functions may vary in accordance with label makers' specifications.

Paper label making machines are extensively used in cosmetic production fields, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging industries, and food industries, and so on.

Introduction on our paper label making machines
Kingsun Machinery Company is an experienced paper label making machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. We can provide a complete set of adhesive label making machinery which ranges from printing equipment, label slitters, label die cutting machines, to label rotary die cutters.
1. Our label printing machinery includes PS plate label printing machines, flexo printing machines, and label screen printing machines. As a result of their high operation efficiency and advanced design, we can save not only labor force but also raw material during printing process.
2. Aforementioned label slitting machines and die cutters, etc. are designed with auto length-counting or number-counting function, auto-stop function, thus providing easier operation.
3. Label inspection machinery is also provided for guaranteeing label quality.
All our paper label making machines feature precise and high quality performance. Their distinct mechanical performance offers longer service life.

Additionally, in order to satisfy customers’ diversified demands, we can also produce many other machines, like slitter rewinders, plastic bag making machines, thermal laminating machines, and packing machines, to name a few.
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