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Slitter Rewinder

    1. Horizontal Slitting MachineThis horizontal slitting machine is mainly used for slitting various roll materials, like self-adhesive labels, aluminium foils, insulation paper, sensitive materials, and reel paper, to name a few. This slitting machine is designed with an edge positioning controller (EPC) and LPC photocell tracking...
    1. Surface Rewinding Slitter Our surface rewinding slitter is mainly used for slitting paper, aluminum foils, and laminated films into strips. This slitter rewinder is designed with a disc knife for slitting, double-shaft for surface rewinding. It produces even slitting edges. ...
    1. High Speed Slitter RewinderKFHQ slitter and rewinder is mainly used for slitting and rewinding variety of roll materials, like laminated film (12-180um), PE, PVC (40um-150um), adhesive label, paper, aluminum foil, and more. ...
    1. Fax Paper Slitter RewinderQFJ-900 fax paper slitter rewinder features high operation speed and high automation. It is extensively used for slitting and rewinding fax paper, cash register roll paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, ATM paper, POS paper roll, among others....
    1. Carbon Ribbon Slitter RewinderThis carbon ribbon slitter rewinder is especially designed for slitting various thermal transfer ribbons (TTR), such as color ribbons, barcode ribbons, fax ribbons, and black hot stamping foil, etc. This slitter rewinder is designed based on advanced technology from Japan and Europe. It is an ideal machine...
    1. High Speed Slitter Rewinder (with Dual Axis)The electrical system of this paper slitting machine is under the centralized control of imported PLC; touch screen based man-machine interaction; operating parameters can be set according to different user needs....

A slitter rewinder is regularly used to slit reel paper and membranes into narrower strips and then rewind these materials. It is primarily composed of a slitting machine and a rewinding unit.

As a professional slitter rewinder manufacturer based in China, Kingsun Machinery Company adopts international leading production technologies for manufacturing all our slitter rewinders, like horizontal slitting machines, high speed slitter and rewinders, surface rewinding slitters, and more. They are all characterized by steady performance, high precision, simple operation, high speed and high automation.
Our slitter rewinders are widely used for producing adhesive labels, fax paper, computer print paper, cash register roll paper, electro-cardiogram printing paper, ATM paper, POS paper roll, among others.

In order to satisfy customers' diversified demands, we provide not only slitter rewinders, but also variety of printing machines, packing machines and post press equipment, etc. for making plastic bags, paper labels, and paper boxes. They all feature high functional performance, convenient maintenance, high safety standards, reasonable price, and they are environmentally friendly. As a result of these advantages, they are widely used in over 50 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.
If you are in need of our slitter rewinders or any other kind of equipment, please feel free to contact us.