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Die Cutting Machine

    1. Die Cut Creasing MachineML series die cut creasing machine is also known as clam shell die cutter. This die cut creasing machine is suitable for die cut creasing a wide range of materials, including common paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheets and leather, and more. ...
    1. Automatic Die Cutting Machine AD-720/800E automatic die cutting machine is designed to satisfy customers’ demands on higher standard paper converting machines. It is designed based on advanced production technology from Switzerland, and 95% of its key spare parts are bought from the international well-known companies ...
    1. Automatic Die CutterThis automatic die cutter is mainly used for die-cutting, creasing and forming of graphic cartons and corrugated cartons. Our automatic die cutter is designed based on advanced production technology acquired from Switzerland. ...
    1. Semi Automatic Die Cutting MachineKYH series semi automatic die cutting machine is applicable for die-cutting of paper boxes, and graphic cartons, etc. This die cutting machine is equipped with high intensity gripper bars. These gripper bars are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper. ...
    1. Hot Foil Stamping Machine TYMK series hot foil stamping machine, a new-developed high precision and high efficiency machine, is mainly used for hot stamping on materials like colored anodized aluminium foil, or used to produce concave-convex. Additionally, our hot foil stamping machine can also be used for die-cutting of labels,...
    1. Automatic Hot Stamping MachineThis vertical type automatic foil stamping and die cutting machine is designed for hot stamping, die cutting, convex pressing, and creasing on paper materials and plastic films, etc. It can automatically finish material feeding, die cutting and finished product collection. ...
    1. Label Punching MachineKCM series label punching machine is mainly used in the production lines for making labels, playing cards, envelopes, aluminium-plastic bags, New Year cards, note books, credit cards, brochures, and children' books, etc. of any size and design....

A die cutting machine is also known as a cutting press, or a stamping press. Die cutting machines can complete die cutting, creasing, and hot stamping of various materials, including non-metallic materials, adhesive labels, thermal resistant materials, anti-vibrating materials, among many others.
By giving pressure on steel blades, steel wires, or steel templates, a die cutting machine will cut various materials into a certain shape.

Kingsun Machinery Company, as an experienced die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, can provide various post press equipment, like die cutting and creasing machines, automatic and semi automatic die cutting machines, foil stamping and die cutting machines, and more.
These stamping presses are designed with high precision intermittent mechanisms and positioning systems. Additionally, their key components are acquired from international-famous suppliers. As a result, our die cutting machines all feature strong pressure force, high precision, simple operation, and totally safe, and more. Due to these, our die cutting machines are extensively used in printing and packaging industries, plastic product processing industries, for processing paperboards, plastic sheets, corrugated boards, and leather products, and more.

Depending on thoughtful services, reasonable prices, reliable product quality, and over 20 years manufacturing experience, our company has become a reliable China-based manufacturer and supplier of printing machines, packing machines, and post press equipment, etc. Our primary products include die cutting machines, thermal film laminating machines, plastic laminating machines, plastic bag making machines, and pharmaceutical packing machines, and more.
Presently, you can find our products in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Want to place an order? Call us now.