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Semi Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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KYH 1450/1500 Semi Automatic Die Cutting Machine

KYH series semi automatic die cutting machine is applicable for die-cutting of paper boxes, and graphic cartons, etc.

Why choose our semi automatic die cutting machines?

1. This die cutting machine is equipped with high intensity gripper bars. These gripper bars are applicable to all kinds of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated paper.
2. Frontal, back and side positioning mechanism ensures high precision die cutting.
3. High accuracy intermittent mechanisms, air clutches, and pneumatic locking mechanisms are also available in our semi auto die cutting machines. These components guarantees a higher machinery standard.
4. KYH series semi automatic die cutting machines feature simpler operation, as a result of their adoption of PLC controller and human-machine interface. The working speed, processed paper amount, total operation time of our die cutters can all be displayed through the interface. Additionally, machinery failures can also be displayed, which greatly facilitates trouble shooting.
5. Variable frequency converters are adopted to control the main motor. Its stepless speed variation provides our die cutting machine with steady performance.
6. Additionally, sensors and safety devices are mounted in different parts of our semi automatic die cutting machines. Hence, the safety of both die cutter and operator is guaranteed.
7. The front and back die cutting pressures can be adjusted respectively. It is convenient to stop the die cutter by hand, and the machine can realize die cutting without gripper edge.

Technical parameters of semi automatic die cutting machines

Model 1,450 1,500
Max. paper size 1,450×1,060mm 1,500×1,100mm
Min. paper size 550×500mm 650×600mm
Max. die-cutting size 1,445×1,045mm 1,495×1,095mm
White board thickness 200-2,000g/ cm2 200-2,000g/ cm2
Fluting paper thickness (Flute) 8mm 8mm
Height of paper feeding pile 1,400mm 1,400mm
Height of paper collecting pile 1,200mm 1,220mm
Max. die-cutting speed 4,000s/h 6,500s/h
Max. die-cutting pressure 250N/cm2 250N/ cm2
Power 13.5KW 13.5KW
Dimensions 4,200×2,300×2,200mm(L×W×H) 4,500×2,300×2,200mm (L×W×H)
Weight 16T 18T

KYH series die cutting machines, a kind of post press equipment, are provided by Kingsun Machinery Company. Since our beginning, Kingsun Machinery Company is committed to supplying high quality post press equipment, printing machinery and packaging machines. Currently, our machines are extensively used in food and medical packaging industries, book and periodical printing fields, and label making industries, and more.
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