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Automatic Die Cutter

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AD-1080E/1060E/1020E Automatic Die Cutter

This automatic die cutter is mainly used for die-cutting, creasing and forming of graphic cartons and corrugated cartons.

Why choose our automatic die cutter?
1. Our automatic die cutter is designed based on advanced production technology acquired from Switzerland.
2. Additionally, it is designed based on advanced 3D modeling design software. Its unique design provides all machinery components with a stable performance. This helps guarantee lower maintenance cost and longer machinery lifetime.
3. Specially designed flatbed ensures perfect match between the upper and lower beds even under different pressures, and also guarantees smooth paper conveying. Thus, high quality finished products is guaranteed.
4. Majority of the key components of this paper converting equipment are acquired from international-leading suppliers. Primary components are processed by high precision machine tools.
Due to aforementioned advantages, our automatic die cutter is characterized by high productivity, multi-function, totally safe, and simple operation as a result of its human-machine interface.

Technical parameters of our automatic die cutter

Model AD-1080E AD-1060E AD-1020E
Max. paper size 1,080×780 1,060×760mm 1,020×720mm
Min. paper size 400×370 400×370mm 400×370mm
Max. die-cutting size 1,075×770 1,050×750mm 1,010×710mm
White board thickness 120-2,000g/m2 120-2,000g/m2 120-2,000g/m2
Fluting paper thickness (Flute) ≤5mm ≤5mm ≤5mm
Height of paper feeding pile 1,500mm 1,500mm 1,500mm
Height of paper collecting pile 1,220mm 1,220mm 1,220mm
Cutting precision ≤±0.10mm ≤±0.10mm ≤±0.10mm
Min. paper clipper size 7mm 7mm 7mm
Max. machine speed 7,200s/h 7,200s/h 7,200s/h
Max. die-cutting speed 6,500s/h 6,500s/h 6,500s/h
Max. die-cutting pressure 300T 300T 300T
Power 17.6KW 17.6KW 17.6KW
Dimensions 7,650×3,900×2,150mm (L×W×H) 6,750×3,900×2,200mm (L×W×H) 6,500×3,900×2,150mm (L×W×H)
Weight 16.5T 16T 12T

Kingsun Machinery Company is a professional automatic die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Over 20 years manufacturing experience and 10 years international marketing experience enables us to provide high quality and competitive priced products.
In addition to die cutting equipment, we can also produce many printing machines, packing machines, and man other post printing equipment, etc. Currently, these products are widely used in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. They are extensively used in food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, book printing industries, and commercial printing industries, and more.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time.

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