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Die Cut Creasing Machine

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ML Series Die Cut Creasing Machine

ML series die cut creasing machine is also known as clam shell die cutter. This die cut creasing machine is suitable for die cut creasing a wide range of materials, including common paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheets and leather, and more.
It is extensively used in printing and packaging industries, plastic product processing industries, and so on.

Why choose our die cut creasing machines?
Currently, ML series die cut creasing machines are well accepted by both national and international customers, as a result of their compact structure, advanced design, strong cutting force, high precision, and simple operation, among others.
Its advantages arise from the rational and advanced machinery structure.
1. The machine body is made of high quality raw material. Integral casting machinery body provides our clam shell die cutter with high strength.
2. ML series die cut creasing machinery feature steady operation, strong pressure force, and low noise. It is equipped with single plate electromagnetic clutch which is sensitive and reliable.
3. Operating position is user-friendly designed and moving-bed can be opened to its optimum.
4. Machinery electrical system is designed in accordance with IEC standard.
5. This die cutting and creasing equipment is designed with functions like single piece, continuous and opening delay operating, etc. Time-delay range is adjustable.
6. It is designed with reliable safety protection system.

Technical parameters of ML series die cut creasing machine

Model Inner chase size Working speed Max. rule length Weight Power Overall dimensions
ML 750 750×520mm 25±3strokes/min 15m 2,000kg 2.2kw 1,260×1,350×1,280mm
ML 930 930×660mm 25±3strokes/min 25m 3,200kg 4 kw 1,850×1,650×1,950mm
ML 1040 1,040×720mm 23±3strokes/min 30m 3,500kg 4 kw 1,850×1,750×2,000mm
ML 1100 1,100×800mm 23±2strokes/min 32m 4,500kg 4 kw (6pole) 2,100×1,970×2,100mm
ML 1200 1,200×830mm 20±2strokes/min 32m 4,500kg 5.5 kw 2,100×2,000×2,100mm
ML 1300 1,300×920mm 20±2strokes/min 40m 5,600kg 5.5 kw 2,020×2,420×2,150mm
ML 1400 1,400×1,000mm 18±2strokes/min 45m 6,200kg 7.5 kw 2,010×2,400×1,930mm
ML 1500 1,500×1,050mm 18±2strokes/min 48m 7,500kg 7.5kw 2,050×2,620×2,200mm
ML 1600 1,600×1,250mm 16±2strokes/min 50M 12,000kg 11kw 2,120×2,340×2,130mm
ML 1700 1,700×1,300mm 16±2strokes/min 50M 14,500kg 11kw 2,200×2,800×2,130mm
ML 1800 1,800×1,300mm 16±2strokes/min 52M 15,500kg 11kw 2,340×2,920×2,200mm
ML 2000 2,000×1,400mm 16±2strokes/min 58M 16,500kg 15kw 2,340×3,100×2,200mm
ML 2500 2,500×1,400mm 13±2(strokes/min) 75M 19,000kg 18.50kw 2,300×3,600×2,200mm
ML 3000 3,000×1,650mm 12±2(strokes/min) 85M 23,000kg 22kw 2,600×4,300×2,450mm

Kingsun Machinery Company is a primary die cut creasing machine manufacturer in China. We have had 20 years manufacturing experience in this business. The whole production process is strictly in conformation with ISO9001 International Quality Management System.
In addition to die cut creasing machinery, we can also supply label rotary die cutter, foil stamping and die cutting machines, fax paper slitter rewinders, among many other printing and packaging machinery. Currently, these products are well accepted in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and more. Welcome international customers to choose our machines.

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