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Automatic Die Cutting Machine

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AD-720E/800E Automatic Die Cutting Machine

AD-720/800E automatic die cutting machine is designed to satisfy customers’ demands on higher standard paper converting machines. It is designed based on advanced production technology from Switzerland, and 95% of its key spare parts are bought from the international well-known companies
Our automatic die cutting machine is ideal for die cutting of paper boxes, cartons, and labels, and more.

1. The main spare parts are processed by high precision machine tools. As a result, our auto die cutting machines have high productivity and high safety.
2. This automatic die cutting machine is equipped with high precision intermittent mechanism, thus providing high precision positioning.
3. Our automatic die cutting machinery features smooth feeding, precise positioning, stable die cutting, and organized paper collection, etc. Due to this, we are confident that our machines can satisfy customers’ high requirements.
4. Imported key parts, electrical systems, main chain, and fasteners, etc. further guarantees product quality.

Technical parameters of AD-720E/800E automatic die cutting machine

Model AD-720E AD-800E
Max. paper size 720×500mm 810×620mm
Min. paper size 360×290mm 400×350mm
Max. die-cutting size 710×490mm 800×610mm
Board 120-2000g/m2 120-2000g/m2
Corrugated paper thickness ≤5mm ≤5mm
Height of paper feeding pile 1,000mm 1,100mm
Height of paper collecting pile 1,100mm 1,000mm
Cutting precision ≤±0.10mm ≤±0.10mm
Min. paper clipper size 7mm 7mm
Max. machine speed 7,000s/h 8,000s/h
Max. die-cutting speed 6,000s/h 7,000s/h
Max. die-cutting pressure 150T 150T
Power 12.75KW 14KW
Dimensions 3,540×1,980×1,580mm (L×W×H) 4,205×1,500×1,625 (L×W×H)
Weight 7T 10T

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