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Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

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ATML-800 Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

Advantages of ATML-800 automatic hot stamping machine:
1. This vertical type automatic hot stamping machine is designed for hot stamping, die cutting, convex pressing, and creasing on paper materials and plastic films, etc. It can automatically finish material feeding, die cutting and finished product collection.
2. ATML-800 automatic hot stamping machine is primarily composed of four parts, that is, main motor, hot stamping unit, auto feeder, and electric control system.
The crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism enables the platen to conduct reciprocating motion. Coupled with pressure adjustment mechanism, the hot stamping and die cutting will be completed.
3. The electric control system is composed of main motor control part, material feeding and collection control, anodized aluminium foil feeding control, etc. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer.
4. Auto lubrication system is available for our foil stamping and die cutting machine.

Technical parameters of ATML-800 automatic hot stamping machine

Max. sheet size 800×580mm
Min. sheet size 280×220mm
Max. feeding pile height 800mm
Max. collecting pile height 160mm
Max. working pressure 110×104 N
Rated power 12KW
Air pump displacement 40m2/h
Paper range 100-2,000g/m2
Max. operation speed 1,500s/h, paper thickness<150g/m2; 2,500s/h, paper thickness>150g/m2
Machine noise <81db
Power of electric hot plate 9KW
Overall dimensions 2,700×1,820×2,020mm
Weight 4,500kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is an experienced foil stamping and die cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to hot foil stamping machines and die cutting machines, we can also produce many other machines, like paper label making machines, plastic bag making machines, paper box glue machines, and packing machines, and more.
All our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards of ISO9001 International Quality Management System. If you are looking for reliable quality machinery, please feel free to contact us.

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