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Automatic Gluing Machine

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KASJ-600 Automatic Gluing Machine

Our automatic gluing machine is rationally designed and characterized by stable performance and simple operation.
This gluing machine adopts hot melted glue as adhesive.
If you are looking for an automatic gluing machine which can be used in packaging lines, please contact with us.

Gluing machine features
1. Our automatic gluing machine is designed with an adjustable gluing roller which offers an uniform gluing.
2. The paper conveying system is designed with an air suction device, thus guaranteeing a smooth and stable paper conveying.
3. The circulating glue slot, which is designed with indirect heating and temperature control system, ensures optimum glue viscosity.
4. The heating period is presettable. This provides our automatic gluing machine with higher production efficiency.
5. Additionally, designed with circulating cleaning system, our automatic gluer can finish machinery cleaning within 2 minutes. So convenient!
6. There is a frequency converter for speed control. Hence, the gluer speed can be adjusted in accordance with worker’s skill level.

Main specifications of automatic gluing machine

Model KASJ-600
Paper width 90-520mm
Paper thickness 80-200g
Production speed 7-45 sheets/min
Heater required 1.5KW
Power required 3.5KW
Machine dimensions 4.5×1.5×1.2m
Machine weight 700kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is not only an experienced automatic gluing machine manufacturer, but also a supplier of variety of other post press machinery, such as die cutting machines, laminating machines, and slitter rewinders, to name a few. All these products feature high functional performance and simple operation. They are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, book and magazine printing area, and more.
If you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to call us or email us.

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