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Paper Board Cutter

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1. The paper cutter offers big size paper board feeding manually and for small cardboard uses an automatic feeder.
2. The paper board cutter has pneumatic adjustment for paper board thickness. It is easy to operate and quick setting.
3. The safety cover of the paper board cutter is in line with the European CE standard.
4. The central lubrication system is easy to maintain.
5. The paper board cutter offers high precision compares to a normal guillotine due to the rotary circle knife and has a long life span. The finished paperboard is exact in the same size, so it is better for the automatic hard cover making machine.

The paper board cutter is used for cutting material like hard boards, industrial cardboard, grey paperboards, etc. It is a necessary auxiliary board cutter for hard cover making.

Technical Specifications of the Paper Board Cutter

Model KL-1300
Cardboard width(W) 50-1260mm
Cardboard thickness 1-3mm
Motor power 2.2Kw/380V
Machine dimension(L×W×H) L1900×W1100×H1400mm
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