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Electronic Weighing and Filling Machine

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Electronic weighing and filling machine consists of two vibratory filling devices, an electronic weighing scale and a metering device; it has stainless steel structure can automatically weigh and pack all kinds of granules and powders having good fluidity.

This micro-computer controlled weighing filler allows manual loading of packing bag, provides quantitative materials for packaging and displays the weight of material. It can work independently or be used as supporting equipment of a production line.

Technical Specifications
Model ELC-3000 ELC-5000
Weighing range (g) 50-3000 100-5000
Accuracy (g) +/- 2 +/- 3
Working speed (Pcs/min.) 12-25 8-20
Power supply (V/HZ) 220V/50HZ
Power (W) 150 190
Net weight (Kgs) 250 300
Dimensions (mm) 710× 840×1800 1010×840×1950
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