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3 in 1 Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

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3 in 1 carbonated drink filling machine is integrated with the functions of washing, filling and sealing; it is well suited for filling various carbonated drink in PET bottles. This beverage filling equipment utilizes the law of gravity, cap clamping technology and magnetic capping technology; the cap torque allows stepless adjustment. This liquid filling system has the productivity ranging from 4000 to 18000 bottles per hour and features scientific and reasonable design, aesthetic appearance, complete function, easy maintenance, and high degree of automation.

1. The design of suspending bottle-neck guarantees the high stability of the entire production line and avoids improper operation caused by the different bottle thicknesses and heights; meanwhile, the required quantity of replacement parts is largely reduced, making the change of bottle more convenient;

2. Advanced Germany and Italian technologies as well as Isobaric filling technology are adopted to ensure quick filling and accurate amount of liquid; the beverage tank is tightly sealed and installed with a CIP interface;

3. Magnetic capping technology; the cap torque allows stepless adjustment; constant power is used to twist the plastic caps without causing damage;

4. Horizontal cap sorting device of this packing machine can protect the cap surface from damage and automatically feed caps when there is a shortage;

5. Touch-screen based man-machine interface; automatic control on the liquid level in the tank; the functions of filling and cap sealing will stop automatically when there is no bottle;

6. High-quality stainless steel made parts are eligible for direct contact with the beverages; the main electrical components of our bottle filler are of famous international brands.

Technical Parameters
Model KS12-12-5D KS18-18-6D KS24-24-8D KS32-32-8D KS40-10-10D KS50-50-12D
Output 4000 5000 8000 10000 15000 18000
Bottle neck diameter: Φ50-Φ100mm; bottle height: 150-320mm; bottle volume: 330-1500ml
Plastic threaded cap
Total power 4.6 5.4 6.4 8.07 9.56 11.18
Total weight 2500 3800 5200 6500 8000 11200
Overall dimensions 2350 × 1700 × 2150 1830 × 2030 × 2030 3220 × 2300 × 2600 3450 × 2510 × 2710 3800 × 2800 × 2710 4510 × 3400 × 2900

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