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Combined Saddle Stitching Line

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KLQD8E Combined Saddle Stitching Line

Saddle stitching machines are especially suitable for binding of notebooks, booklets, magazines, catalogues, and more.
KLQD8E combined saddle stitching line integrates section feeding, book binding, book trimming and book delivery functions together.
This bookbinding equipment features high efficiency, wide range of application, and is designed with complete inspection and control systems. This saddle stitching line is an ideal choice for large and medium sized enterprises.

KLQD8E combined saddle stitching line is composed of a section feeder, a book binder, a three knife trimmer and a book delivery system, a electric control system and a detection system, etc.
The number of section feeder is variable upon customers' request.

Advantages of KLQD8E combined saddle stitching line
1. The key parts of our combined saddle stitching line are acquired from international renowned suppliers, thus ensuring high stable operation of this book binding equipment. For example, Hohner stitching heads are adopted.
Additionally, we also impose strict quality control on the machining of other machinery parts and components. For example, we adopt integral casting for the body of the three knife trimmer.
2. This combined saddle stitching line is equipped with a color touch screen, which provides operators with a general view of machinery running status.
3. Designed with high precision automatic detection system and PLC control system, our combined saddle stitching line is easy to operate and totally safe.

Main specifications of KLQD8E combined saddle stitching line

Max. speed 10000 books/hour
Max. book size before trimming 450×310mm
Max. book size after trimming 440×300mm
Min. book size after trimming 158×110mm
Min. book size after trimming 148×105mm
Max. size of double-link book after trimming 217×300mm
Min. size of double-link book after trimming 148×105mm
Max. thickness of finished product 8mm
Machine power 15.5kw
Overall dimension 10000×5400×1650mm
Machine weight 7000kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is a combined saddle stitching line manufacturer based in Wenzhou, China. Our location offers us convenient transportation by sea, land and air. Thus, we can effectively reduce our production cost as a result of our reduced transportation fees, and customers can also save a lot international freight charges. In addition to saddle stitching machines and perfect book binding machines, we can also provide many other post press equipment, like die cutting machines, film laminators, spot UV coating machines, and paper cutting equipment, to name a few.
If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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