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Window Patching Machine

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KTC Series Window Patching Machine

A window patching machine is mainly used for window patching of wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetic boxes, toy boxes, cloth packaging boxes, and more. Its applicable paper materials include 2.5mm flute board and 200-500 g/m2 cardboard. Our window patching machine can finish window film cutting, creasing, paper board gluing, and patching.

Main specifications of window patching machines

1. KTC-1020 window patching machines
Model KTC-1020
Max. paper size 650×1020mm
Min. paper size 140×80mm
Max. size of patch film 520×760mm
Min. size of patch film 80×40mm
Film sheet thickness 0.05-0.20mm
Max. working speed 6000s/h
Cardboard 200-500g/m2
Corrugated paper ≤2.5mm
Total power 10KW
Dimensions 4998×1960×1750mm
Weight 2300kg
2. KTC-340, KTC-650 and KTC-980 window patching machines
Model   KTC-340  KTC-650  KTC-980
Operation speed  3000-5000pcs/h  3000-5000pcs/h  3000-5000pcs/h
Applicable paper sheet  specification  100×120-340×450mm  300×200-750×650mm  700×980mm
Applicable paper thickness  200-1000g/㎡  200-1000g/㎡  200-1000g/㎡
The thickness of the film  0.03-0.3mm  0.03-0.3mm  0.03-0.3mm
Power of main machine  1.5KW  2.2KW  3KW
Power of air pump  0.55KW  0.55KW  0.55KW
Weight of complete machine  1200kg  1200kg  2000kg
External dimensions  2300×950×1400mm  3750×1100×1700mm 4500×1200×1700mm

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