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Double Spiral Ring Binder

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The double spiral ring binder is used in notebooks, albums, calendars, and other loose-leaf binding.
One roll of double-spiral coil is used as the binding material. To pass through the book by manual operation, the double spiral ring binder can automatically complete the coil backward, length counting, cut off, send coil, press circle, book output and so on. The machine reduces the operational steps and reduces labor intensity. It has PLC centralized control and process parameter transformation can be done in the user interface page.

1. The double spiral ring binder has centralized control by PLC, the default process parameters can be preset.
2. There is no need to replace the mold when changing to a different product.
3. The machine can be applied to books where the front cover is bigger than the inside pages.

Technical Parameters of the Double Spiral Ring Binder

Binding paper size 80×100-380×530mm
Double wire size 5/16"-1”
Maximum operating speed 1000books/ hour
Pressure 0.15 MPa
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Main motor power 0.5KW
Machine dimensions (L ×W ×H)) 2200*980*1740mm
Conveyor belt size 1800×560×700mm
Weight 400kg
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