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Fully Automatic Book Sewing Machine

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1. Our automatic book sewing machine is stable and easy to operate; it requires one-man operation;
2. This book binding equipment can achieve highly automatic sewing, binding, counting, sorting, lubrication, as well as whole-process detection and control on improper operation;
3. High-precision, firm, tidy and leak proof sewing; the distance between needles is 19mm and the needle size is 1.5mm, both conforming to the international standard.

Technical Specifications
Sewing size Max. 460×310mm, Min. 150×100mm
Sewing speed 85 times/min
Quantity of needles 11 groups
Distance between needles 19mm
Thickness 0.5-2mm
Power 1.65kW
Weight 1500kg
Packing size 2600×1380×1560mm
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