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Paper Cup Making Machine

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Our paper cup making machine is an automatic multi-station manufacturing system applicable for producing single-side PE coated drink cups, ice cream cups and other cone bottom containers for food. This paper cup forming equipment is capable of automatically and continuously achieving paper feeding, lubrication, bottom punching, heating, knurling, hemming, binding, discharging and stacking.

Technical Drawing

Side sealing
There are two options of side sealing: The option of heat sealing is suitable for producing single-side PE coated paper cup.

The option of ultrasonic wave bonding technology can ensure the paper cup has high bonding strength and aesthetic appearance. Single-side or double-side PE coated paper cups are both applicable.

Bottom punching
Bottom piece inserting
Body cup transferring
As the requirements for bottom heating are different, we have the following two devices are available for choice

Four work stations
1. Main Heating
2. Hemming
3. Bottom-folding
4. Knurling

Five work stations:
This device with two heating stations is suitable for double-side PE coated paper cup.

1. Hemming
2. Knurling
3. Pre-heating Ⅱ
4. Pre-heating I
5. Bottom-folding

Electrical control
We provide famous Chinese, Japanese and Germany branded electrical components for customer to choose.
Non-cup-barrel detection, alarming and stopping functions
Finished product display
Main Parameters
Model JBZ-A series
Power 4.5kW(50-60Hz 220V single-phase)
Production capacity 42 cups/minute
Overall dimensions (L)2500mm×(W)1200mm×(H)1400mm
Paper cup specification All specifications (4-12ounces)
Machine weight 1400kg
Applicable paper Paper with the coating on one side; paper with the coating on double sides; paper with such material as clay on one side and PE film on the other side.
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