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Ice Cream Paper Cone Cup Forming Machine

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Ice cream paper cone cup forming machine is characterized by high speed, high efficiency and high degree of automation. The drive system of this paper cone cup manufacturing equipment uses precision synchronous belt, chain and gear drive to excellently realize paper feeding, conveying, glue spraying, cone forming, cone heaping, discharging and counting.

Technical Parameters
Model ZXG-A(standard) ZXG-B(customized)
Max. production speed 180 pcs/min.
Raw material 100g / m² plain paper, composite aluminum foil paper or over 100g/m² dry wax paper
Options 1.Spraying program control 2.Air compressor
Floor area 2m × 2m
Mini. height 140mm
Max. height 220mm
Angle 15-22° According to customer requirement
Weight 1000kg
Packing size(L × W × H) 1.25m × 1.15m × 1.9m or 1m × 0.6m × 0.85m
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