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Combined Folding Machine

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ZYHD-660E Combined Folding Machine

This combined folding machine adopts a Japanese Omron servo controlled driving system, a PLC control system, a high precision photoelectric detection system, a frequency converter for speed adjusting, and a color screen for displaying data and machinery failures.

Detailed information
1. This combined folding machine adopts servo motor to control fold knife operation and offers convenient fold knife adjustment. Hence, this folding machine is easy to operate and features high safety standard.
2. The transmission components of our folding machine are characterized by long service life and reliable performance; because they get less impact power and less wear.
3. This combined folding machine is designed with self check and self measuring system. When pieces of paper with different sizes are adopted, the photoelectric detection system will automatically adjust fold knives, thus reducing operators’ working strength.

Main specifications of combined folding machine

c 660×1040mm
Min. sheet size 150×200mm
Sheet weight range 40-200g/m2
Max. fold-roller speed 180m/min
Max. fold-knife speed 260strokes/min
Power 6kw
Weight 1400kg
Dimensions 2150×1720×1520 mm 3000×1570×1610 mm 1460×870×1110 mm

We are one of the combined folding machine manufacturer based in Wenzhou, China. Wenzhou city is a coastal city in China. Thus we can reduce our production cost as a result of our lower transportation fees for raw materials, and our international customers can also save their freight charge.
In addition to folding equipment, we can also supply packing machines, printing machines, slitter rewinders, and plastic bag production lines, and more. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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