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Automatic Punching Machine

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The automatic punching machine is used to punch holes for pre-bound books, notebooks, workbooks or table calendars.
The sheets are safely fed into the automatic punching machine from the top of the stack by a Pick-Up Beak, with thickness of max. 2mm each time (the thickness can be adjustable according to the quality of the paper). The sheets are then turned over by means of a wheel and shifted into the punching unit where they are automatically aligned laterally and longitudinally and punched. The punched sheets are kept in numerical sequence and collected on a jogger separately driven for further processing. A wide range of optional punching bars is available.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Punching Machine

Paper thickness 60-360g/m2
Max. sheet 360*360mm
Min. sheet 40*100mm
Max. sheet-feeding thickness per time 1.5-2mm
Max. punching speed 7000times/hour
Power 380V/50HZ, 380V/60HZ
Power of the main motor 2.2KW
Dimension(L×W×H) 1900*1030*1780mm
Net weight 1200kg
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