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KR-425 Cardboard Shredder

KR-425 cardboard shredder is mainly used to process used corrugated boxes into filling materials which are regularly used in packaging industries.
Its applicable raw material can be waste cardboard boxes, corrugated paper, and flute boxes. Hence, our cardboard shredder provides a good solution for recycling of waste paperboard products. It is an environmentally friendly machine, isn’t it?

Main specifications of cardboard shredder KR-425

Shredder model KR-425
Max. shredding width 425mm
Size of finished material 5×100mm
Applicable material 3-5 layer flute (corrugated paper)
Feeder width 20mm
Speed 12m/min
Power supply 380V, 50Hz
Motor Power 2.2KW
Dimensions 700×680×970mm
Weight 164kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is the manufacturer and supplier of KR series cardboard shredders. In addition to paper shredders, we can also provide a diversity of other machines, including printing equipment, packing machinery, and post printing machines.
Depending on our 20 years manufacturing experience and over 10 years exporting experience, our products are well accepted by customers from over 50 countries around the world. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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