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Hologram Film Soft Embossing Machine

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Our hologram film soft embossing machine is designed for producing anti-counterfeit holographic films which are extensively used in flexible packaging industries.

Working principle
Firstly, to etch desired patterns on a metallic nickel plate. Then our hologram film soft embossing machine functions to transfer the patterns on the plate onto various packaging materials, like BOPP film, coated PET films, PVC materials, and more. Thus we will be able to obtain desired anti-fake packaging materials.

Features of hologram film soft embossing machine
1. Our soft embossers and electroforming machines can produce variety of patterns for your choice. Once you choose our embossing machine, we will offer related technology.
2. This 1,200mm width holographic film embossing machine is designed with an embossing unit, an oil heating system, a cooling system, an air-source unit and an electric control system.
3. We can also provide de-metallizing machine. Thus we can partially washing-away the aluminizing or patterns on the packaging material.

Main specifications of hologram film soft embossing machine

Pressing width 1,200mm
Circumference of plate 520mm
Pressing speed 60m/min
Unwinding and rewinding diameter 500mm
Total power 18KW
Pressing thickness 12-100mm
Voltage 380V/50Hz or specific specifications
Air pressure 4.5kg
Digital counter 0-9,999m
Dimensions 2.2×2.6×1.75m
Weight 3.5T

As a primary hologram film soft embossing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide not only soft embossers, but also semi auto die cutting machines, high speed dry laminating machines, film blowing machines, and medicine packing equipment, and more. Due to their reliable quality and simple operation, these machines are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging industries, book printing fields, and so on.
We welcome global customers to contact us for more information.

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