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Bag Making Machine (Automatic Drawstring)

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1. Our automatic drawstring bag making machine uses the LDPE and LHPF films and is suitable for the production of drawstring garbage bag or rolled bags; the fixed length is controlled by a stepping motor (servo motor);

2. The functions of our computer controlled pouch making equipment include photoelectric control, automatic counting, counting alarm, automatic skew adjustment, automatic temperature control, automatic beveling, punching, stringing, folding, dotting, rolling, etc.

Technical Parameters
Model RDL-900 RDL-1100
Max. bag width 900mm 1100mm
Max. bag length 900mm 999mm
Thickness 0.015-0.05mm
Making speed 20-50pcs/min
Bag type Printing bags, uncolored bags
Total power 8kW 10kW
Machine weight 2200kg 2600kg
Overall dimensions 9800×2200×2000mm 9800×2400×2000mm
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