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Dry Laminating Machine

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BGF-H Series Dry Laminating Machine

BGF-H series dry laminating machine is suitable for double-layer or multi-layer lamination of various roll materials in packaging industries. Plastic-plastic, paper-plastic, and paper-paper lamination could all be conducted by this dry laminator.

Why choose our dry laminating machines?
1. Dual imported frequency converters are adopted for synchronous speed adjusting, thus providing our dry laminator with a more stable operation.
2. Glue transfer can be realized by either an anilox roller or a rubber roller. This provides more flexible applications for our dry laminating machine.
3. Its lamination cylinder is designed with an oil warming system and a constant temperature control device.
4. This dry laminating machine is designed with double-rewinding and double-unwinding. Both rewinding and unwinding units adopt magnetic powder clutches for tension control. Additionally, the unwinding unit of our laminating machine is equipped with a photoelectric deviation correction system. Due to these, our dry laminators can provide high precision material rewinding and unwinding.
5. Our dry laminating machines are designed with four separated sections inside a drying tunnel, and the temperature of each section can be respectively controlled. Initiative guide rollers are equipped.

Technical parameters of BGF-H series dry laminating machines

Dry laminator model BGF-H600 BGF-H800 BGF-H1000
Max. laminating width 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Laminating layer 2layer/time 2layer/time 2layer/time
Mechanical speed 10-70m/min 10-70m/min 10-70m/min
Laminating speed 10-120m/min 10-120m/min 10-120m/min
Max. material diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm
Drying tunnel temperature 110℃ 110℃ 110℃
Power supply 380V, 50HZ (customizable), 3phase
Total power 36kw 40kw 44kw
Dimension 750×170×270cm 750×190×270cm 750×210×270cm
Weight 4,000kg 4,700kg 5,400kg

Kingsun Machinery is an experienced dry laminator manufacturer in China. Since our foundation, we are committed to supplying different types of laminating machines, die cutting machines, printing machines, and packing machines, etc. to global customers. As a result, in addition to dry laminating machines, our product list also covers a wide range of other equipment, such as rotogravure printing presses, slitter rewinders, pharmaceutical packing machines and film blowing machines, etc.
We are located in Wenzhou, a city with convenient transportation by sea, land and air. Thus, we are able to provide our machines with lower prices as a result of our lower transportation fees for raw materials. Customers can also save a lot of international freight charge.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our product, whether it is dry laminator, or any other machinery. We look forward to your email and phone call.

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