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High Speed Dry Laminating Machine

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QDF-H Series High Speed Dry Laminating Machine

Do you need a high speed dry laminating machine?
This paragraph will introduce the applications of our high speed dry laminating machines. If you need to laminate mentioned materials, then you need a dry laminator.
Our QDF-H series high speed dry laminating machine is suitable for double-layer material lamination. It is applicable for various kinds of roll materials, including BOPP film, PET film, CPP film, aluminum foil and various paper materials.

Why choose our high speed dry laminating machines?
1. The main motor speed is controlled by double frequency converter with same frequency. This provides our dry laminator with steadier performance.
2. An anilox roller and a rubber roller can both be used for glue transfer.
3. An air cylinder is adopted for opening its drying tunnel. The guide rollers inside a drying tunnel are controlled by a frequency converter.
4. There are four separated sections inside a drying tunnel, and the temperature of each section can be respectively controlled.
5. Its unwinding unit is equipped with a photoelectric deviation correction system and an auto tension controller.
6. Both rewinding and unwinding units are designed with double work-positions and in reversible style. This enables our high speed dry laminating machine to work continuously without stop.
7. QDF-H series dry laminating machine is equipped with an automatic temperature controller to keep constant temperature, and glass fiber is adopted for heat preservation.
8. Glue viscosity controller is optional.

Technical parameters of QDF-H series high speed dry laminating machine

Model QDF-H600 QDF-H800 QDF-H1000
Laminating width 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Laminating layer 2 layer 2 layer 2 layer
Laminating speed 10-120m/min 10-120m/min 10-120m/min
Max. material diameter Φ800mm Φ800mm Φ800mm
Tunnel temperature 120℃ 120℃ 120℃
Total power 44kw 48kw 48kw
Weight 7500kb 8200kb 8900kg
Dimensions 9600X2400X3300mm 9600X2650X3300mm 9600X2850X3300mm

Kingsun Machinery Company is a China-based high speed dry laminating machine manufacturer with 20 years production experience. In addition to dry laminators, we can also supply many other paper label making machines, including film blowing machines, rotogravure printing machines, film folding machines, and center sealing bag making machines, and more.
All our products feature reliable performance and are offered at reasonable prices. Now you can find them in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. If you have any laminating machine need, or any other printing and packaging machinery requirement, please feel free to contact us.

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