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Hot Cutting Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

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Suitable materials
Our hot cutting side sealing bag making machines are applicable for variety of heat sealable materials, including BOPP, PP, PE, POF, CPP, thermal shrinkage materials, etc.
As a result, this plastic bag making machines can be used for making plastic packaging bags for clothes, socks, towels, breads, ornaments, office supplies, electronic products, fruits, and bamboo products, and more.

Why choose our hot cutting side sealing bag making machines?
Because these plastic bag making machines have a variety of functions and advantages. These functions and advantages provide our bag making machines with reliable performance and simple operation.
This microcomputer controlled plastic bag making machine is equipped with a stepping motor for material feeding, a photoelectric tracking device, a frequency converter for main motor speed adjusting, an auto meter-counting device, an auto gluing device, auto punching equipment, hot sealing equipment, a magnetic powder brake, and an auto deviation correction system, and more.

Main technical parameters of KQLC-800 hot cutting side sealing bag making machine

Plastic bag maker model KQLC-800
Length of Bag-making (mm) 70-770
Width of Bag-making (mm) 55-999
Speed of Bag-making (pcs/min) 30-220
Bag-making Precision (mm) ±0.2
Electro-power (kw) 4.5
Net Weight (kg) 900
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 3,150×1,300×1,350
Gross Weight 1,100kg

Parameters of RDL series hot cutting side sealing bag making machines

Plastic bag maker model RDL-700 RDL-800 RDL-900 RDL-1000
Max film width 700mm 800mm 900mm 1,000mm
Max. cutting length 50-700mm 50-700mm 50-700mm 50-700mm
Max bag width 680mm 780mm 880mm 980mm
Production capacity 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min 40-140pcs/min
Total Power 3.6kw 3.8kw 4.5kw 4.7kw
Machine weight 900kg 1,000kg 1,100kg 1,200kg
Machine dimension 3.5×1.1×1.8m 3.5×1.2×1.8m 3.5×1.3×1.8m 3.5×1.4×1.8m

Kingsun Machinery Company is an experienced hot cutting side sealing bag making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We have had over 20 years production experience and over 10 years marketing experience in international market. Currently, we can provide not only plastic bag making machinery, but also paper label printing machines, post press equipment and packaging machines, among others.
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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