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Carbon Ribbon Slitter Rewinder

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KFJ1000 Carbon Ribbon Slitter Rewinder

This carbon ribbon slitter rewinder is especially designed for slitting various thermal transfer ribbons (TTR), such as color ribbons, barcode ribbons, fax ribbons, and black hot stamping foil, etc.
This slitter rewinder is designed based on advanced technology from Japan and Europe. It is an ideal machine for all kinds of ribbon film slitting.

Features of carbon ribbon slitter rewinder
1. KFJ1000 carbon ribbon slitter rewinder adopts frequency converter for speed adjusting.
2. Magnetic powder brake is adopted for automatic tension control.
3. Its unwinding unit is controlled by a variable frequency motor and is designed with double working-positions.
4. This slitter rewinder is designed with auto-counting function and straight knife slitting.
5. The rewinding unit of our carbon ribbon slitter rewinder is designed with pneumatic material feeding mechanism.
6. The whole machine is PLC controlled.

Main specifications of carbon ribbon slitter rewinder

Slitting machine model KFJ1000
Base material PET ribbon 0.007-0.01mm
Working speed 100-150m/min
Slitting width Wider than 50mm
Unwinding diameter 550mm
Paper core diameter 10mm, 12.5mm, 25mm

Kingsun Machinery Company is a well-known carbon ribbon slitter rewinder manufacturer in China. In addition to slitter rewinders, we can also produce UV coating machine, carton sealer, twin labeling machine, and variety of printing and packing equipment. Till now, we have been in international market for over 10 years and our products have been well accepted in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.
Welcome global customers to contact us for more product information.

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