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Manual Flute Laminating Machine

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FMC Series Manual Flute Laminating Machine

Why choose our flute laminating machines?
1. FMC series manual flute laminating machine is designed with flexible front guide which ensures high lamination precision.
2. Its stepless speed controller provides our flute laminating machine with simple structure and easy machinery operation.
3. Our flute laminators can be used in wide range of industries.
FMC series manual flute laminating machine is suitable for laminating of corrugated cardboard to paperboard, and paperboard to paperboard. Laminated cardboards feature high intensity and beautiful appearance. Thus, they are widely used for producing packaging boxes for foods, beverages, electric appliances, and many other light industry products.

Technical parameters of FMC series manual flute laminating machines

Model FM1100C FM1300C FM1450C FM1600C
Max. sheet size 1,100×1,100mm 1,300×1,300mm 1,450×1,450mm 1,600×1,600mm
Min. sheet size 350×450mm 350×450mm 350×450mm 350×450mm
Lamination speed 0-90m/min 0-90m/min 0-90m/min 0-90m/min
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Total power 4.8kw 4.8kw 4.8kw 4.8kw
Dimensions 6,900×1,570×1,400mm 6,900×1,870×1,400mm 6,900×2,000×1,400mm 6,900×2,150×1,400mm
Weight 2.5ton 4ton 5ton 6ton


Kingsun Machinery Company is a manual flute laminating machine manufacturer with 20 years production experience and 10 years international trade experience. All our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 International Quality Management System. Currently, our products are popular among customers from Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
In addition to flute laminating equipment, we can also provide many other machines to satisfy customers’ different needs, such as foil stamping machines, thermal film laminators, label printing machines, and automatic granule packing machines, and more.
We are looking forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you. Pick up you phone and call us now.

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