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Hot Melt Coating Machine

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1. The hot melt coating machine is applicable for the production of double sided tape, adhesive sticker, shoe material and other EVA hot melt adhesives.

2. This coating machine needs the working medium of solid hot melt adhesive, requires no drying oven, causes no pollution, occupies small floor space and features energy conservation, low investment and high productivity.

3. Our hot melt roll coater is well suited for coating kraft paper, label paper, metal foil, plastic film, natural textiles, chemical fabrics, non-woven cloth, carpet, paper plate and other materials in the industries of packaging, medicine, automobile, apparel, electronics and decoration.

1. Coating method: slot die coating;
2. High-precision coating head is used to increase the coating accuracy and extend the machine lifespan;
3. There is a web-guiding system on the unwinding section;
4. Flexible switch between manual control and automatic control; easy and safe semi-automatic operation.

Technical Parameters
Model 400 600 800 1100 1300 1500
Coating width 400mm 600mm 800mm 1100mm 1300mm 1500mm
Quantity of adhesive 15-200g
Coating speed 50m /min
Unwinding diameter 1000mm
Rewinding diameter 700mm
Quantity of unwinding device 2 sets
Quantity of rewinding device 1 set
Power 8.5kW 11kW 12kW 15kW 18.3kW 20kW
Power supply 380V/50Hz
Temperature 230 ℃
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