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Thermal Film Laminating Machine

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YDFM Series Thermal Film Laminating Machine

Where could we utilize YDFM series thermal film laminating machines?
Adopting BOPP film as raw material, YDFM series thermal film laminating machine is able to produce good quality film lamination on paper and cardboard products, including packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, books, advertising paper, and drawing sheets, and more. As a kind of post press equipment, YDFM series thermal film laminating machinery is regularly used in packaging and printing industries.
Laminated printed materials feature good waterproof capability, durability, and clearer images and characteristics.

Why choose our thermal film laminating machines?
You can totally rely on our thermal laminators.
1. YDFM series thermal film laminating machine features having strong and uniform pressure force, as a result of our adoption of hydraulic pressure system.
2. Our thermal film laminating machinery is characterized by high laminating speed due to its advanced design.
YDFM series laminators are designed with automatic temperature control and speed regulation system. Meanwhile, this film laminating equipment adopts conveyor belt for paper delivery.
3. Our laminating machine feature low noise and steady operation.

Technical parameters of YDFM series thermal film laminating machines

Model YDFM 720 YDFM 920 YDFM 1200
Laminating width 620mm 820mm 1100mm
Laminating speed 0-40m/min 0-40m/min 0-40m/min
Laminating temperature 60-130℃ 60-130℃ 60-130℃
Motor power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.2kw
Heater power 4kw 6kw 6.5kw
Voltage 380V(3phase) 380V(3phase) 380V(3phase)
Weight 400kg 500kg 600kg
Dimensions 1,900×1,300×1,600mm 1,900×1,500×1,600mm 1,900×1,700×1,600mm

Kingsun Machinery Company is an experienced thermal film laminating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company is located in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China, which is a port city in Eastern China. This location offers us convenient transportation by water, land and air. Hence, both our customers and we can reduce cost as a result of lower transportation fees.
In addition to thermal film laminators, we can also provide many other machines, like flexo printing machines, die cutting machines, flute laminating machines, and more. All of them are provided with high standard and at reasonable prices. Welcome to choose.

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