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Semi Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine

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SFML Series Semi Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine

Our SFML series semi automatic thermal laminating machine is suitable for thermal lamination of both pre-glued films and glueless films, onto paper materials.

Why choose our semi automatic thermal laminating machines?
1. This semi automatic thermal laminating machine is designed on the basis of international-leading technologies and over 20 years thermal laminator manufacturing experience of our company. Due to this, this laminating machine features high standard, reliable quality and distinct structure.
2. Our semi auto thermal film laminating machines are also characterized by high automation, compact structure, and simple operation.
  (1) The main components of our thermal laminating machines are acquired from international famous suppliers.
  (2) Its electrical system is centralized controlled by a PLC controller. Hence, only one operator is needed.
  (3) Operator only needs to input desirable paper size. Then our thermal laminating equipment will finish film lamination and cutting automatically.

Configuration of SFML series semi automatic thermal laminating machines
1. SFML series semi auto thermal laminating machine is equipped with a Schneider frequency converter to provide infinitely variable speed control. Thus the running speed of our film laminators can be adjusted at any time and a stable machinery running is guaranteed.
2. Integral-structure design ensures that our film laminating machine can run steadily and prolongs the laminator lifetime.
3. The manual paper feeder is equipped with a magnetic regulating plate, which guarantees smooth and orderly paper feeding.
4. High precision hard chrome plating heating roller is designed with a built-in oil heating system. Due to that, our thermal film laminating machine features stable and adjustable laminating temperature.
5. Hydraulic pressure system provides strong and steady pressure force to guarantee good laminating quality.
6. An expanding shaft is used for loading and unloading films. It offers accurate film feeding.
7. The expanding shaft is equipped with a clutch type tension control system. This system controls the feeding speed and tension of films.
8. Our semi automatic thermal laminating machine is equipped with a film cutter which can cut films to desirable sizes, to meet the paper size.
9. Film perforating machine is equipped to produce holes along the film edge, thus offering easier auto-cutting for the laminated paper.
10. Our thermal laminator is designed with a pneumatic cutting system. This enables our thermal film laminator to automatically finish paper cutting as long as desirable paper size is input.
11. A height-adjustable paper collecting table is equipped.

Technical parameters of semi automatic thermal laminating machine SFML series

Model SFML-720 SFML-920 SFML-1050
Max. laminating width 680mm 880mm 1040
Laminating speed 0-20 m/min 0-20 m/min 0-20 m/min
Laminating temperature ≤130℃ ≤130℃ ≤130℃
Total power 13KW 15KW 16KW
Dimensions 2,200×1,500×1,300mm 2,200×1,700×1,300mm 2,200×1,900×1,300mm
Weight 900kg 1,000kg 1,100kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is one of the semi automatic thermal laminating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to semi auto thermal laminators, we can also provide a diversity of die cutting machines, printing machines, packing machines, and so on. They all feature reliable performance and simple operation. Presently, you can find our printing and packaging machinery in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

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