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Semi Automatic Thermal Film Laminating Machine

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YFML Series Semi Automatic Thermal Film Laminating Machine

YFML series semi automatic thermal film laminating machine is well designed and manufactured according to market demand. This thermal film laminator is designed with a cutting system. Hence, it can finish film lamination and cutting at one stroke.
Additionally, our semi automatic thermal film laminating machines are designed with anti-curve devices. This ensures a smooth and even surface for laminated materials.

Why choose our thermal film laminating machines?
1. Our film laminators feature steady operation as a result our adoption of variable frequency converter.
2. This thermal film laminating machine is designed with concentrated electric control, so only one person is needed to operate this lamination equipment.
3. Automatic oil pressure increasing and decreasing, as a result of our adoption of automatic oil feeding system.
4. Our thermal film laminating equipment is equipped with anti-curve devices, thus guaranteeing smooth and even surfaces for laminated materials.
5. In addition to film cutting function, our thermal laminators are also designed with Hole punching function.

Technical parameters of semi automatic thermal film laminating machines

Model YFML 720 YFML 920 YFML 1200
Max. paper size 620×880mm 820×1040mm 1,100×1,040mm
Laminating temperature 60-130℃ 60-130℃ 60-130℃
Paper thickness 80-500g/m2 80-500g/m2 80-500g/m2
Max. laminating speed 40m/min 40m/min 40m/min
Total power 6.9kw 8.7kw 9.5kw
Overall dimensions 3,850×1,150×1,450mm 3,980×1,350×1,450mm 3,980×1,550×1,450mm
Weight 700kg 900kg 1,100kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is one of the professional semi auto thermal film laminating machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. In addition to semi automatic thermal film laminators, we can also provide label making machines, die cutting machines, slitter rewinders, paper box glue machines, and various packing and packaging machines.
We have had over 20 years manufacturing experience for various printing and packaging equipment, and we also have entered into international markets for a decade. Hence, you can totally rely on our products. Welcome to choose.

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