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PVC/ PP/ EVA Film Embossing Machine

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1. Our film embossing machine is suitable for processing PVC, PP, EVA, glitter film, multi-lens and deep pattern local laser film. The embossing thickness is 80-500um. This holographic machine is used to emboss different designs of plate on the film by heating, the plate that made from etching machine.
2. With PLC automatic control, there is no oil leakage when exchange different specifications of plate rollers, the seams of the plate do not have a thermal expansion, no wrinkle, no shrinkage while embossing.
3. The film will reduce 1 meter while the machine starts up. It needs 30 minutes to warm up, our plastic film embossing machine has multi purposes, it is able to achieve clear resolution and high diffraction 3D effect, and increase product quality, reduce manpower and save cost.
4. The finished products made by embossing machine are widely used in TPU synthetic leather, car auto foil, shower curtain, crafts, stationery, school bags, children’s clothing, handbags, etc.

Technical Specifications
Model KLJ-1200
Embossing width 600-1200mm
Max. roll diameter 600-800mm
Material thickness 80-500um
Max. speed 5-30m/min
Plate roller diameter 250-350mm
Motor power 50KW
Voltage 380V
Air pressure Mpa 0.6KG /CM2
Overall dimensions 5400 x 2700 x1800mm
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