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Hologram Embossing Machine

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This hologram embossing machine is used for embossing the holographic label in sheet or in roll with positioning registration, positioning hollow-out and positioning stamping.

Our product is PLC controlled, and improved from the former semi-round plate system into equidistant embossing system, which is great solution to position registration, and it can make the registration and die-cutting position highly in precision.

Technical Specifications
Model KLJ-250 KLJ-400
Working width 180mm 350mm
Speed 10/m 12/m
Unwinding diameter 250mm 250mm
Total power 4kw 6kw
Electric heater 2kw 4kw
Air pressure 3-5 3-5
Overall dimensions 120 x 80 x 160cm 130 x 120 x 160cm
Weight 500kg 780kg
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