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Automatic corrugation box gluer

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1. The automatic corrugation box gluer offers fast carton forming speed.
2. Suction feeder ensures precision paper feeding.
3. The second-time indentation ensures the origami is more accurate.
4. Low waste
5. The second-time correction helps eliminate the scissors mouth.
6. Our automatic corrugation box gluer features exact counting.
7. Beating-system allows the paper box to have good formations.
8. A neat and accurate pile.

Technical Specifications of Automatic Corrugation Box Gluer

Model KG-2000 KG-2800 KG-3200
Max. Cardboard 900×1950mm 1200×2600mm 1500×3000mm
Min. Cardboard 250×700mm 300×850mm 350×900mm
Installation Area 2600×10000mm 3500×12000mm 4500×15000mm
Power Required 8.5Kw 10Kw 12Kw
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