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PS Plate Label Printing Machine

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KX-320 PS Plate Label Printing Machine

Characteristics of PS plate label printing machine KX-320
1. Control system
Germany advanced servo control system and operating system enables our PS plate label printing machine to operate stably and accurately. There is no need to exchange printing plates. Thus, KX-320 series label printing equipment is easier and more convenient to use.

2. Printing unit
This PS plate label printing machine is equipped with a high quality heavy duty offset printing unit. This unit is composed of 19 ink rollers (4 form rollers are included) and 4 water rollers. Its smooth ink-running system effectively avoids the production of streak and ghosting. As a result, this label making machine can produce high quality prints and has incomparable superiorities in the precision and resolutions to flexo printing machines.

3. Shaftless transmission system
Each printing unit of is driven by an independent servo motor. There are totally 14 units of servo motors for driving our printing machines, which guarantees accurate color registering under high speed operation conditions.

4. Positioning system
After input the printing length into the main control panel, the printing units will automatically transfer to the pre-set position. Thus our PS plate label printing machine can save a lot of printing time and raw materials while adjusting color register.

5. Color registering system
Independent motors are adopted for control the vertical and horizontal motions of each printing units, thus reducing the time and material for adjusting printing units.
As a result of our adoption of still image monitoring system, this label printing equipment can regulate vertical and horizontal registering without stop. This greatly improves printing quality and speed.

6. Super large printing area
Maximum printing area: 300×350mm
Max. printing length: 350mm
By utilizing high precision photoelectric tracking device, our PS plate label printing machine can overprint on both sides of a label. Thus our printing equipment offers a good solution for making different types of labels.

7. Each printing unit is equipped with a clutch device, so the printing units can be dismounted when they are not needed. This helps prolong the service life our label printing machines.

8. Variety of optional devices like UV varnishing units, spot UV units and rotary die-cutting units are available. In combination with rotary die-cutting units, our printing machine can finish printing and die cutting at one stop.

9. Simple operation and convenient maintenance
Our PS plate label printing machine features simpler operation and convenient maintenance, because our printing machine is designed with touch LCD screen, faster CPU, 12 inch super large display area, powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-guide inspection display interface, and instant display of alarm signals, and more.

10. As a kind of PS plate intermittent printing press, it is especially suitable for printing high-level labels in any quantity. Our PS plate label printing machine is an ideal choice for printing houses.

Technical parameters of PS plate label printing machine KX-320

Model KX-320
Printing speed 50-180 prints/min
No. of printable colors 2- 6
Max. printing length 350mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. printing width 300mm
Max. unwinding diameter 600mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600mm
Electric supply 380V, 3Phase
Total power 33.6kw (exclusive of UV power)
Overall dimensions 8,850mm×1,600mm×1,850mm (L×W×H)
Weight about 9,500kg

As an experienced PS plate label printing machine manufacturer and supplier, Kingsun Machinery Company can also provide not only printing machinery, but also die cutting machines, thermal film laminating machines, and hot foil stamping machines, and variety of packaging machines, and more. Relying on high product quality and reasonable prices, our products are well accepted in over 50 countries around the world and the sales network covers Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Thanks for visiting our website and welcome to choose our PS plate label printing machines and any other paper label making machine.

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