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Horizontal Flexo Printing Press

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FP-1358 Horizontal Flexo Printing Press

Our horizontal flexo printing press is applicable for a variety of raw materials, like coated paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, plastic films and self-adhesive labels, etc.

Why choose our horizontal flexo printing machine?
1. Advanced design and technology.
2. It is easy to mount and replace color units as a result of the drawer-type design.
3. Our horizontal flexo printing press provides high speed drying. Both IR dryer and hot air dryer are available for your choice.
4. High precision vertical and horizontal registration.
5. This horizontal flexo printing press is equipped with fully automatic deviation-correction device which is also known as web guide. This web guide offers constant control on material feeding.
6. Our flexo printing machine is equipped with a control panel. Hence, this printing press is easy to use.
7. Designed with compact structure, our flexo printing press takes smaller space.

Technical parameters of FP-1358 horizontal flexo printing press

Model FP-1358
Max. web width 13.5"(343mm)
Max. printing width 13"(330mm)
Printing repeat length 8-20"(203-610mm)
Max. unwinding diameter 60"(1524mm)
Max. rewinding diameter 30"(762mm)
Max. speed 180m/min
Drive motor power 11KW

As a horizontal flexo printing press manufacturer and supplier, we can supply not only flexographic printing machines, but also label screen printing machines, gravure printing machines, and PS plate label printing equipment, and so on. All our products are supplied at reasonable price and are well accepted in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
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