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Label Screen Printing Machine

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WQ-320 Label Screen Printing Machine

Where could we utilize WQ-320 label screen printing machine?
This label screen printing machine is designed to print on various roll materials. The raw material of roll material may be PVC, OPP, Dacron, hologram label, adhesive label, among many others.
Our label screen printing machine can finish printing, drying, and rewinding at one stop.

Why choose our label screen printing equipment?
1. Our label screen printing machine adopts high performance servo motor for raw material feeding, thus guaranteeing a high precision and steady material unwinding.
2. Its main transmission parts are pneumatically controlled, and the printing positions are controlled and monitored by photoelectric tracking devices.
3. This screen printing machine features high precision color registering, steady material feeding, convenient adjustment and compact structure. It is also designed with auto-counting and alarming function.

Technical parameters of WQ-320 label screen printing machine

Model WQ-320
Printing speed 10-50 prints/min
Max. unwinding diameter 450mm
Max. web width 320mm
Max. printing width 300mm
Max. printing length 320mm
Positioning precision ±0.15mm
Main motor power 1.2KW
Dryer power 4.1KW
Main machine dimensions 2.4×0.95×1.5M(L×W×H)
Dryer dimensions 1.75×0.6×1.8M(L×W×H)
Weight about 1,100kg

As an experienced label screen printing machine manufacturer in China, we are committed to provide better quality products and better services to our customers. In order to satisfy customers' demands on paper label making machines, we also produce flexo printing machines, label slitters, label inspection machines, and more.
We produce our machines strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 Quality Management System. All our products feature reliable quality and simple operation. We look forward to cooperate with you. Welcome to contact us.

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