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Servo Control Paper Sheeting Machine KS-B

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The KS-1400/1700/1900B servo control high speed paper sheeting machine uses the advanced technology of Germany and the United Kingdom. The machine’s computer control system uses a KEB servo motor from Germany and an AC transducer from Japan, both of which are top international brands. The conveyor belt of the servo control paper sheeter uses NITTA from Japan. The pneumatic vibrator uses FINDEVA from Switzerland and the electrical system uses SCHNEIDER & OMRON. These high quality components guarantee the paper cutting is fast and very reliable. The German made precise bearing and cutting knife assures the high cutting precision. The touch screen controller makes the paper sheeting machine simple and convenient to operate. The anti-curve system assures the paper will be flat and smooth when passing.

The servo control paper sheeter is used in the papermaking and printing industries.

Technical Specifications of the servo control paper sheeting machine KS-B

Model KS-1400/1700/1900B
Type of cutting knife The up knife rotary cut and the down knife is fixed
Thickness of paper 60-550gsm
Cutting precision The cutting length 1000mm: +/-0.5mm
Max. cutting speed 350cuts/min
Gross weight 13,000kgs/15,000kgs/17,000kgs
Voltage 380v/220v 50Hz
Max. cutting lineal speed 350m/min
Cutting length range 450~1450mm
Paper piling height 1300mm
Max. unwinding diameter 1800mm(71")Max
Max. sheeting width 1400mm/1700mm/1900mm
Slitting sheeting format 2 sheets
Air compressor 0.8Mpa
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