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HQJ-B Series Paper Sheeter

This paper sheeter is suitable for both longitudinal and latitudinal cutting of color printed laminated films and 60g-500g reel paper.

Paper sheeter features
1. Stepper motors or servomotors are adopted for cutting length control. This provides our paper sheeters with high accurate paper cutting.
2. Photocell edge positioning controller is adopted for more precise positioning.
3. This paper sheeting machine is designed with a hydraulic lifting system for paper roll conveying.
4. HQJ-B series paper sheeting equipment is designed with a vertically movable operating platform.
5. The whole paper slitting machine integrates mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic technologies together. It features high cutting precision and simple operation.

Main specifications of HQJ-B series paper sheeters

Model HQJ-B 600/800/1100/1300/1600
Max. cutting width 600-1,600mm
Cutting length 20-1,999mm
Length accuracy ±0.15mm
Production speed 50-100m/min
Max. unwinding diameter 1,500mm
Overall dimensions 6,650×1,600 - 2,900×1,800mm

As one of the paper sheeter manufacturers and suppliers in China, Kingsun Machinery Company can provide paper sheeters with variety of specifications. All of them feature reliable performance and economical prices. As a result, they are sought after by customers from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.
In addition to paper cutting machinery, we can also provide many other machines, like film blowing machines, dry laminating machines, label die cutting machines, and more. For more detailed information, please click into PRODUCT page or give us a call directly.

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