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Semi-Automatic Printing Slotting Machine

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KSYK-HS Semi-Automatic Printing Slotting Machine

Functions and Features
1. This is a semi-automatic chain feeder type printing slotting machine, and it comes with a side lay for positioning.
2. Transmission gears are all treated and grinded and are applicable for spray lubrication.
3. Quick phase 360 degrees adjustment.
4. The semi automatic printing slotting machine comes with a pneumatic lifting plate and a pneumatic diaphragm pump, and offers auto cycling ink supplying function.
5. Printing and slotting units adopts pneumatic locking, electric clutch separating, and air brake devices.
6. Slotting unit comes with synchronized carton box height adjustment function, and synchronous adjusting for creasing wheel.
7. Upper crease wheel is wrapped with special rubber, so it will not damage the cardboard.

Main Technical Specifications of Semi-Automatic Printing Slotting Machine

Model 1900×1570 2100×1570 2300×1570 2600×1570 2100×1270 2300×1270
Speed 50pieces/min
Max feed size 2000×1500 2200×1500 2400×1500 2700×1500 2200×1200 2400×1200
Min feed size 700×400mm 650 × 350mm
Max print size 1900 ×1500 2100×1500 2300×1500 2600×1500 2100×1200 2300×1200
Color accuracy Double color ±0.5mm, three color ±0.6mm, four color ±0.75mm
Board thickness 3-7 ply corrugated board
Min slotting distance 290 × 60 × 290 × 60mm
Max slot depth 350mm 300mm
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