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Horizontal Slitting Machine

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QFJ-A Series Horizontal Slitting Machine

Where could we utilize a horizontal slitting machine?
This horizontal slitting machine is mainly used for slitting various roll materials, like self-adhesive labels, aluminium foils, insulation paper, sensitive materials, and reel paper, to name a few.

Features of QFJ-A series horizontal slitters
1. This slitting machine is designed with an edge positioning controller (EPC) and LPC photocell tracking device.
2. Magnetic powder clutch is adopted for tension control.
3. Our horizontal slitting machine is also equipped with an auto-metering device, and waste material air-blowing device.
4. A disc knife is optional.

Main specifications of QFJ-A series horizontal slitting machines

Model QFJ-A/700 QFJ-A/1100 QFJ-A/1300
Roll material width 700mm 1,100mm 1,300mm
Unwinding diameter 800mm 800mm 800mm
Rewinding diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm
Speed 10-160m/min 10-160m/min 10-160m/min
Total power 3kw 4kw 4.5kw
Dimensions 2,500×1,900×1,350mm 2,500×2,300×1,350mm 2,500×2,500×1,350mm
Weight 2,000kg 2,200kg 2,500kg

Kingsun Machinery Company is a professional horizontal slitting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We have over 20 years manufacturing experience for not only horizontal slitting machines, but also many other types of slitter rewinders, such as surface rewinding slitters, fax paper and carbon ribbon slitter rewinders, and paper sheeting machines, and more.
All these machines are made strictly in accordance with standards of ISO9001 International Quality Management System. They are widely used in printing and packaging industries.
For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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